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Founded back in 1965 by Mr.K.V.Ramakrishnan, Rapid Manufacturing Company was the first in India to manufacture Barrier Terminal Blocks, which are approved by LCSO/CACT.

Over the years, Rapid has intensified its product development thrust. We developed the 8 way isolating type terminal block with disconnecting link for the Indian railways for their signaling installations. And then there is the contact assembly we developed for Siemens´┐Ż point machine as an import substitute, which resulted in massive savings, with no compromise on quality.

Little wonder then that in 2004, Rapid became a vendor approved by RDSO (Research Design & Standards Organization) to supply Tag Blocks and Terminal Blocks to the Indian Railways.

In the same year we developed the indication and operating panel and relay racks for railway signalling.

As a testament to our commitment to quality standards, Rapid has had ISO certification for the last 30 years.



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